Little Chicken Legs with Crutches


Chicken wings, quantity up to you
Salt & pepper
Plantation Breader
Oil for frying
Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing, if desired

Cut the wings at the joints to produce the little leg (the humerus), crutches (radius & ulna – the part with two little bones), and the pointy flipper part (manus or hand).

Freeze the manus/pointy flipper part for soup stock. Or if you are not into making your own chicken stock, feed it to the wolves or add it to the landfill.

Put the legs and crutches in a size appropriate bowl. Add the buttermilk. Salt and pepper to taste. Mix. Cover and refrigerate overnight or until needed the next day.

Remove chicken from buttermilk bath, shaking off excess. Dredge in Plantation Breader. In a skillet or deep fat fryer, heat oil to 350⁰F. Cook until golden brown. Drain on wire rack or paper towel. Delicious hot or room temperature.

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